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4 Ways Stress Ruins Your Productivity
Whether you are running a business or employed in a company, anxiety and stress can drag you down. It can ruin not only your productivity but can also be detrimental to life itself.

A lot of people are not that astute to realize the dangers of experiencing too much stress and anxiety as they are unable to really extricate it from their emotions.

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Some people assume that stress can only affect emotions without realizing that it can impact every aspect of life at work or at home.

They soon realize they were wrong when everything turns topsy-turvy.

Sleep debt

Anxiety symptoms often make people get less sleep. It would be better if people can have some sleep at least they will have rest. Sleep deprivation feeds off anxiety and when people have less sleep they tend to become more anxious.

It is a chicken and egg thing and both anxiety and sleep debt feed each other making the situation worse.

What are the consequences of anxiety-driven sleep deprivation? Well the lack of sleep will make you less effective in making decisions. A person without much sleep cannot function fully as they may be irritable, irrational and even would try to ditch work to sleep.

Weaker immune system

When people are anxious and stressed it impacts the physical body in a strange way. Stress hormones like cortisol have a very strange effect in the body when it stays longer than it is supposed to.

Cortisol makes the body inflamed. An inflamed body makes the immune system weaker causing it to be more susceptible to viruses and other contagions.

Suddenly you are an easy prey for the common cold and flu which can dramatically affect your ability to attend to your duties at work and impact your productivity.


Overthinking is another negative trait that can impact productivity. If you constantly overthink and assume things that will go wrong you are not doing yourself a favor. You are just creating unnecessary stress over things that you have no real control over.

This would lead to loss of appetite which can have dire effects in metabolism and digestion. People that overthink a lot tend to skip meals that can also cause problems in blood sugar levels.

It can also cause the blood pressure to fluctuate as there is no steady supply of nutrients that are entering the body.

Aches and pains

The body muscles tend to stiffen up due to the buildup of tension. Headaches are the most identifiable symbol of stress. Often people that have been working for long hours tend to feel aches all over the body, particularly the head.

It is best to manage working hours so that the body would be less exposed to stress. While taking pain killers offer temporary solution, the aches will come back as the root cause is not addressed properly.

The effects of stress and anxiety on productivity are far reaching. That is why offices and workplaces should be able to address the sources of stress.

A stress-free workplace would result in better workers and increased efficiency because the workers are not getting sick and will actually enjoy what they are doing.

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