Pooja You want to make big changes happen, achieve that goal or get out of your boring day job.

You’re the creative type, the one with lots of ideas, but little action. Perhaps you yearn to embrace entrepreneurship every day.

You’re unhappy about the career/professional aspect of your life because you’re sick and tired of procrastination.

And you want a dose of motivation and want the proverbial kick in the back? 🙂

Good. You and I can work on that.

I empower people who are stuck at a fork in the road (just like I was back in 2009) get reconnedted with the misplaced resources within them.

What does that mean? I truly believe there is a LOT of potential within you, hidden, untapped, which is going wasted. The potential is in the form of resources of self-confidence, inner drive, belief, thoughts, and everything that can be used to tap into your own greatness.

If this sounds woo-woo, let me tell you a true story. Back in 2009, I was stuck in a 9-5 IT job. It was a great organisation to work at, I was well-paid and had a bright future ahead of me, HOWEVER I was unsatisfied.

It was as if I was a walking, talking zombie at work. I did what I was asked to, with my creative juices left unused because I never felt driven to do the IT work. Life from 10 am to 6 pm was dull, dry and purposeless.

Until one day in Nov 2009, I went to my superior’s cabin to put my resignation papers on his desk. Even then, I was hiding behind the excuse of “I am soon moving to Australia to join my partner”, which was true, but it wasn’t the real reason I was quitting.

After that day, I have never had a 9-5 job, well actually I had one for 2 months and then quit it too! I work from home, my local cafe, or pretty much anywhere on the go and LOVE every bit of it and my average day is pretty close to my ideal one. If you’re curious, yes there is a term for it and it is Lifestyle Business Entrepreneur.

Why am I telling you this? It’s simple: I want YOU to live your ideal average life by tapping into that inner drive, confidence + motivation.

As your coach, I can play different roles depending on what you want on that particular day. I can be your sounding board, objective mentor, accountability buddy, ideas generator, cheer squad and a patient listener.

I’ve invested hundreds of dollars and several hours in my own personal development, learning human behavior, understanding the psychology behind what motivates us, why fear is so gripping, and what to do about it. I am an NLP Practitioner and hold a Diploma in Life Coaching, if credentials interest you.

My Key Specialities

#1. Develop the Un-Procrastination Habit

get things done

Are you STUCK at the same place for days? Perhaps you keep telling yourself “I’ll do it later” and that time never comes. Let me tell you that the restlessness and pain for staying in procrastination rut is much higher than that of perseverance.

If you are stuck on a project, overwhelmed by the enormity of it or simply had enough of procrastination on a goal that you know is important for you, let’s talk. I teach you how to get the ignition started and how to tackle your beloved projects that have somehow ended up on the back burner. I teach you efficiency and productivity when it comes to important tasks in your list. Psst… I also wrote two books here and here on the topic.

This program is for you if you’re gradually building an online empire and need clarity to break down goals; if you have just started out in the entrepreneurship world or slowly navigating your options and want to start on a side project before you quit your full-time job. Email me to get started.

#2. Jumpstart Your Lifestyle Business


If you’ve been yearning to work on something that excites you but are afraid to take the next step, I can help you navigate your career goals and take the leap from employment to entrepreneurship.

Long time ago, I’d dream of sharing my message with the world. I’d crave to write a blog, create ebooks, coach people, and do public speaking on subjects I am passionate about. That was impossible with a full-time day job, so I clung to the paycheck and the dull job for 5 years and 3 months until I eventually gave up.

But you don’t have to wait that long and make the same mistakes I made. Immediately after quitting, I started my freelance writing and editing business, created professional-looking websites, launched a Kindle ebook and helped several other clients to do the same. I now life the Un-9-5 life where I mash up my different interests and produce something of value for which others are happy to pay me. It’s a win-win!

I help you get started on the freelancing path where you work from home (or anywhere) to make a sustainable living w/o the hassles of a day job.

This program is for you if you’re ready to start something you’re passionate about. You can no longer live the passion-less and purposeless life, and you’re right about it! Together, we’ll make this transition as smooth as possible. It’s also for you if you’re keen to embrace freelancing (writing/editing/web design etc) but don’t know where to start or how to get more clients. Email me to get started.

Claim Your 30-Minute No-Obligation Session!

I believe when you’re investing in yourself, you have full right to evaluate your options. As your behavioral coach, I am 100% supportive of whatever your decision you make, and I hope you will do the same.

Therefore, the 30-minute no-obligation session is your chance to gauge if I am the right coach for you. It also lets me evaluate if you’re Ready for change and whether I can serve you the best. If not, I’ll happily refer you to someone who can.

So it is super important that you know what you’re committing to, and that happens when there is a perfect match between the two of us. On the Skype call, I get to know more about your goals and expectations from coaching, and you get to know my style. Email me to get started.

Juicy Programs!

Silver Package 1-month plan: $495
Three 60-minute one-on-one sessions
Call recordings for your life-long reference
Session Preparation Questionnaire
Ten Big Questions to Make Huge Difference
Ten SMART Goals in 90 Days Plan
Future Plan of Action + Strategy to Move Ahead
Upto 5 emails between sessions

Gold Package 3-month plan: $990 or $330 per month
Six 60-minute one-on-one sessions (2 each month)
Free Ebook I use on the area you need more clarity on
Call recordings for your life-long reference
Session Preparation Questionnaire
Ten Big Questions to Make Huge Difference
Ten SMART Goals in 90 Days Plan
Future Plan of Action + Strategy to Move Ahead
Unlimited email support between sessions

Platinum Package 3-month plan: $1485 or $495 per month
Nine 60-minute one-on-one sessions (3 each month)
Two Free Ebooks I use on the area you need more clarity on
Call recordings for your life-long reference
Session Preparation Questionnaire
Ten Big Questions to Make Huge Difference
Ten SMART Goals in 90 Days Plan
Future Plan of Action + Strategy to Move Ahead
Unlimited email support between sessions

What Are Others Saying?

Lisa Thacker, On Gaining Clarity

Pooja, I walked into our coaching sessions unsure what to expect, mainly because I didn’t even have know what was wrong. That changed in one session (you clearly have a gift), and within three sessions, I had a picture of what I wanted in my life, tools to help me get there, and most importantly, fresh perspective on what was possible.  Four months later, I feel more spacious, inspired, and “on the right path” than I could’ve imagined. Thank you!

Sandra K, On Getting Un-stuck and Motivated for Public Speaking

Pooja has been great at mentoring and coaching me. During these sessions, she helped clear my thoughts as I felt stuck in my life. She triggers in me motivation to start at least one of the projects I had in mind and concretize it. I’m really grateful for her insights, patience and listening skills. I can only recommend Pooja to people who feels somehow stuck in an area in their life.

Linda Hamilton, On Taking Action

I was hesitant of using a Coach, but Pooja offered an opportunity I couldn’t refuse. I’ve never regretted it. Our conversations were lively, motivating and enlightening. She kept things focused on specific topics and acted as a sounding board allowing a free flow of thoughts and ideas that became creative and tangible actions. I highly recommend Pooja to anyone who wants to improve their journey through a tough world by overcoming self-sabotage and finding a positive reachable resource who takes the time to listen when you need it most. Thank you, Pooja!

Estepha Francisque, On Getting Focused and Navigating though Uncertainty

Working with Pooja can only be described as a life-changing experience! I never knew the levels of assertiveness and confidence I had within me, but these sessions have helped me make my best better and my better, my best. In a time of my life when I went through so many changes in such a short time, life coaching is exactly what I needed to give me the vision to push through a fairly stormy and uncertain season in my life. To put it simply, this is an experience I recommend to absolutely anyone who desires to reach a higher level of assertiveness, confidence, and dedicated focus. 

Maureen McGrath, On Goal-Setting and Achieving

Pooja has the ability to really make you think about what is going on in your life and how to project those activities in the future to realise the consequences of the path you are on. She was able to help me realise the emotions associated with my activities both now and in the future. I felt the sessions were very valuable in helping me set goals and action items to accomplish those goals. Thank you so much for your assistance!

Email me or reach me via the Contact page to get started now.

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