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Imagine the most positively motivated person you have ever met and ask them if they had always been this motivated.

The answer would probably be a no. Most people face a slump in their personal and/or professional life. And it is very much likely that the person you admire felt unmotivated and uninspired when hardships came calling.

But what separates achievers from non-achievers is their ability to quickly stand up after taking a hit. There are no common ways to deal with tough situations. Each person reacts to adversity differently.

For the time when the going gets tough, here are a few tips to help you get back to action once again quickly and truly. Take a look:

1. Focus on one goal at a time

People often lose motivation when they have too much going on in their lives. Juggling too many things at the same time can be taxing, physically as well as psychologically.

If this is the case with you, reset your priorities and try not to focus on more than a few things at one time. As counterintuitive as it may appear, this way you will be able to do more in less time.

2. Keep yourself active

Did you know that individuals who exercise regularly are more successful? Yes, that’s right. Busy as you may be, make it a point to take some time off daily to do something physical.

And I am not talking about frequent walks from your work desk to the coffee machine and back here. What you need to do is religiously follow a mild exercise regime, be it power walking, jogging, lifting weights, or yoga.

3. Read inspirational books

Sales reports and annual reports you read in plenty, but they are hardly inspirational, unless, of course, they contain favorable figures and you happen to own the company.

When circumstances are tough, and even at other times, inspirational books can be of huge help. Besides motivating you, these books may serve as a road map for overcoming your personal obstacles.

4. Make a public commitment

Some of the highly motivated people in the world find their motivation from others around them. If your own personal commitment does not seem to working, commit to a goal in front of others.

Not many like to look bad in front of others, and sharing your goals with others will give you additional motivation for completing what you have started.

That said, making it public may be a double-edged sword. When you’re starting out, you only want to announce your goals to the most supportive people who have your best interest at heart, and that is a smart thing to do.

5. Keep things small in the beginning

If you find yourself unable to reach your goals despite best efforts, you may be aiming too high. Instead of trying to achieve the unattainable, break your goals into smaller goals and work towards achieving them.

Although your goals are smaller, you are more likely to succeed, and the confidence you get upon achieving them will eventually prepare for you bigger, more challenging goals.

Like everything else, motivation too is not always the same. There will be times when you may feel unmotivated. These are the times when you must dig deep and carry on and remember success is never too far for people who persevere.

How do YOU get motivated toward your goals? Share with us in the comments.

Image by SweetOnVeg.

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