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Best happiness and motivational posts round-up 3
Here is a round-up of the coolest Happiness + Motivation posts on the Net for this week. Please read and leave a comment which one you enjoyed the most! I loved number 4, 6 & 7!

Which one’s your favorite?

9 Best Happiness + Motivation Posts this Week

1. Here’s Why People Pleasing is Selfish: Are you a people pleaser? I certainly have been one in my past. In this post, the author debunks what people pleasing is really about — YOU! Contrary to the belief that you please other people because you care about them, the author believes you please others because you want to be loved. To add to this, I feel the more ingrained the need to people-please, the more chances that one suffers from low self-esteem.

2. How Spiritual Laws Can Help You Reach Success: The article looks at an interesting question: Is success all about money or is there more to it? I agree with the author that there’s much more to success than money. And there are specific spiritual laws that govern this feeling that goes beyond monetary success. If you’re not much of a spiritual seeker, don’t be turned off by the title. The laws may be spiritual, but they work at all levels in our lives. Read to unlock the laws.

3. Are You Part of the 99% Commitment Club?: A quick but meaningful read. If you’re 99% commitment, just like most of the world, you’re not 100% committed, which is same as 0%. The author tells it like it is, so give it a read if you can handle the truth!

4. 8 Common Thinking Mistakes Our Brains Make Every Day and How to Prevent Them: There are certain things your brain does that you aren’t even aware of, and this article looks at 8 such amazing things. One of them is “we believe in memories more than facts.” Whoever thought that? Read it to be amazed.

5. How to Use Positive Affirmations to Transform Your Life: Simple but effective tips on creating positive affirmations. Personally, I feel affirmations won’t work if your beliefs are deeply ingrained and negative. Work on the belief first and use affirmations as an aide. The first step is to empty the negative chatter. Then, gradually bring in affirmations to replace the emptiness. Read the article on how to create your own affirmations.

6. 11 Promises You Should Make to Yourself: Pick up the 11 promises everyone should be making to themselves. One of my favorites is “I will speak lovingly to myself“. More promises in the article.

7. How to Assure You’re More Confident by the Next Year: Before starting his sophomore year at Yale, the author wasn’t afraid of the profs, the students, the books — but the college gym! Follow this post to follow his story of how he overcame the fear, got more confident + what steps you can take to do the same.

8. Fight Repetitive Task Boredom by Hacking Your Passion: Let’s face it — whether you work at a 9-5 job or at home, we all have those tasks that bore us to death. How do you kill boredom from such tasks? One of the cool ways author suggests in this post is to review finished tasks to keep your morale high. I’ll surely give this a shot! How about you?

9. 101 Most Inspiring Posts of All Time Volume 4: If you love inspiration and enjoy quotes, look no further. The author has created 4 giant volumes of quotes that inspire, motivate and let you grow. There are quotes on attitude, responsibility, gratitude and more.

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