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Note taking apps
Think about the last time you wanted to note something very important but didn’t have anywhere to write. Perhaps you didn’t have the paper on you. Or may be the pen died when you needed it the most.

Note-taking apps have become commonplace in the modern household. It’s easy to picture everyone in the house — from the Mom to the teenager to Dad — using some form of device to take notes for groceries, a list of songs or minutes of a meeting.

Compare this with sticky notes as being the only option some 15 years ago.

Although some of us still prefer doing it old-style with a pen and paper, a majority of people now have a smartphone — a nifty tool to take notes and stay organized if you want to.

What’s more, there are heaps of note-taking apps available in the market for different platforms — from Android to iOS to Windows phone. To help you choose your note-taking app, here’s a round-up of best posts on the topics from the Net.

Note-Taking Apps Round-Up

1. Top 10 Free Note-taking Apps for SmartPhones: This post talks about the top-rated apps and their features that differentiates each one from the other. You’ve also got neat little snapshots to check out how each tool works.

2. Google Keep or OneNote or Evernote: Which one is the winner? If you’ve been wrecking your brains to figure out the best app out of the Big 3, this post can solve the mystery for you. They talk about the benefits of each app based on pricing, platforms supported, media editing and so on. Can you guess the winner?

3. Five Best Note-taking Apps: LifeHacker has their own list of top 5, and they share good reasons for it in this post.

4. Video: Love iPhone? Love Hand-written Notes? Now there’s  Free App for that Too: Check out this video to know how this neat app works (free) on your iPhone.

5. Looking for a list specific to Android? Then you’ll love this post. Check out the Best Note-taking Apps for your Android and tell us which one’s your favorite in the list.

Your Opinion

Got more ideas for note-taking? We’d love to hear which one is your favorite app in the comments.

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