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Do You Need a Life Coach
You’re just having a bad day, you tell yourself.

It’s not that bad, you figure. Woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Boss is particularly cranky. Wife and kids are great, but unusually needy.

The stress will pass.

But what happens when it doesn’t? What happens when days turn to weeks, and then months and years?

You’ve thought about prescription drug help, but you don’t like the idea of pharmaceuticals tinkering with your brain chemistry.

You’ve checked out local support groups, but feel like the last thing someone who’s down-in the-dumps needs is a pity party.

You’ve tried to talk to friends and neighbors, but you’re just not so sure you feel comfortable sharing an oft-unseen side of yourself.

Maybe the answer is a life coach, a potential life-changer.

More than a Slump

This has gone on too long to be a funk. This is something much more serious. Trust your gut on this one, it’s likely in the right place.

Sometimes people snap right out of these issues after only a short while. And sometimes, they even suddenly snap out of them after prolonged periods.

But the fact is, you often can’t be sure when that’s going to happen – if it’s going to happen at all.

One of the first things you need to realize is that what you’re going through is very real, and can be very long-lived if not addressed.

People don’t like to admit it, but depression, anxiety and other issues a life coach might be able to help you through are very tangible conditions – no different than a broken arm. So, you should treat it like what it is.

A Life Coach is Your Walk

Baseball players have slumps. All the time, in fact.

And how do baseball players get through them, cushioning the damage they’re doing to the rest of their team by virtue of a low batting average? They walk.

That’s right, they take bases on balls.

They’re not hits – those will come eventually. But, so long as you’re getting on base, you’re still technically doing what you’re supposed to, and what’s more, you’re not keeping anyone else from doing what they’re supposed to.

This is what you’re experiencing right now: a slump.

And a life coach is your plate patience.

You’re not going to be yourself right away. Of course not. What’s more, trying to force it is probably only going to worsen the problem.

But if you have that little bit of extra help – be it a good eye at the plate or a positive influence in your ear – you can, at the very least, get by.

Plenty on the Line

This isn’t to add any more undue pressure, but it’s worth noting that, other people are counting on you.

Not for you to do something that you can’t – all of a sudden just magically feel better. But for you to do what you can, and try to help yourself.

That’s all anyone would ever ask, that if you’re having a problem, you try to solve it as soon as possible.

A life coach can help with that.

Surely you don’t want to suffer. But neither does your partner or family want to see you go through what you’re going through – especially not if it’s costing you at work and potentially jeopardizing their security.

You can get through this. Really. You can.

But it’s not going to happen on its own. Unfortunately, you know this. You’ve lived it.

So let a life coach help. It might be all the difference.

Have you worked with a life coach? How was the experience? We’d love to hear.

Image by allnightavenue.

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