Dear fellow PD lover,

Thank you for your interest in writing for PYG. If you’d like to share a personal story, a moment of epiphany, your triumph over your worst fears in a blog post, I’d love to hear from you. Here is some more info that will help you get through the gatekeeper guidelines and land straight on our editorial calendar 🙂

Why Write for Pick Your Goals?

  1. Gain Exposure: Your work gets promoted on PYG’s social media channels. Links on our blog are permanent, so that’s an added bonus!
  2. Author’s BIO: You can add your bio in the Author’s box and can update, change your website links and your photo anytime.
  3. Writing: If you want to practice your writing chops in the area of personal development and on topics such as motivation, productivity, confidence and goal hacks, there is no better place than PYG. You can send unlimited number of posts in a month as you keep getting better at it.
  4. Editorial feedback: I’ve been the editor at several sites such as TSN, WorkAwesome and Fear.less and have liaised with many freelancers over the period of last 2 years. If you’d like professional + honest feedback on your work by me, feel free to shoot an email with your post attached and get useful feedback in return.
  5. Hang-out with other cool people: Join the community, share your knowledge and experience and get support from others. This is a community of people who are same at core level: they care about their growth and personal development. They love to share and help each other out. They’ll laugh with you, feel your pain and cheer you up when you need it the most.


  1. Be yourself: Start your post with a personal story, a metaphor you can relate with or a life lesson learned. You are here to share a piece of the unique you – so don’t think about what will sound “right” – think about what will serve your readers the most. Be original, be you.
  2. Don’t self-promote: Please don’t make your article a walking talking promotional campaign. Reserve self-promotion in the Author’s BIO box.
  3. Word-count: I am not too fussy about this – if you think you can share your story + share a useful lesson in 500 words, I am happy by it. Most posts on PYG however are up to 800-1,000 words.
  4. Clear and concise formatting: Please format your article in Arial 11 point font in black. Keep paragraphs short up to 3 sentences per paragraph tops. Use bullet points – format using H2 or H3 tags for sub-headings within posts and use them in a way that makes your article clear and concise to read.
  5. Original posts only: Please ensure your post has never been published before, not even on your own website.
  6. Email subject: To get a reply to your email asap, please have your email subject line as “Guest Post Submission”.

Main Categories

  1. Motivation
  2. Productivity
  3. Confidence
  4. Goal Hacks

Additional Deets to Help You Get Published Regularly

  1. Promote + share your published post with your network.
  2. Be available to answer comments once your post is published. We value community too much to ignore engagement.
  3. Add a question or a call-to-action to prompt response by your readers and encourage commenting.
  4. Start your article with an inspirational quote.
  5. Allow at least a week for me to respond to your submission. I respond to every email I get but in case you haven’t heard from me due to some reason, please allow a week before you follow up.

How’s that? Cool? Get in touch with me at editor [at] with your post attached. See you in my inbox!


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