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6 Best Better Habits + Productivity It’s time for another round up and this time, I’ve dug up some amazing posts on the Net in the areas of personal productivity and better habits.

Pick one post from the list at a time and give it a read. Don’t forget to come back to leave a comment on which one’s your favourite and why!

6 Best Better Habits + Productivity Posts this Week

1. If you don’t know these life truths by now, you probably haven’t learned enough from lifeI love this one! It’s hilarious and so true in its own sense. From simple life truths such as “nothing tastes good in a microwave” to real relationship hacks such as “if he likes you, you’ll know, if not, you’ll be confused”, the author shares 17 lessons that we are so likely to forget every now and then. Give it a read — you never know what you discover.

2. 5 books to help you build better habitsWho doesn’t love a well-thought out book list? If you want to make fast moves toward change (you know the ones you need), these books will take you places. Your daily habits form your base — if the base isn’t strong, your sky scraper will crumble down to pieces before you know. Each of these 5 behaviour-change books have something to offer so make sure you check them out.

3. 25 things you need to stop wasting your time on: Isn’t it strange that we deny what matters the most? In this post, the author opens with a story of the happiest moment in the life of a woman who was in an accident, crushed under a car, when she saw her son and husband safe on the other side of the road. In that moment, she realised what mattered the most to her. What things you need to stop wasting time on so you can make room for things that truly matter?

4. 20 books to super-charge your productivity: I love productivity hacks. Give me a good book anytime on how I can get even more done in less time and I’m sold. Out of the 20, the next on my list is The Power of Habit  by Charles Duhigg. Check out the list if you’re a productivity lover too.

5. The 12 cognitive biases that prevent you from being rationalAlthough a human brain is capable of doing 1016 processes, it has got its own share of problems. The author points out 12 cognitive biases, the glitch in thinking process that makes you make a less effective decision, or come to a wrong conclusion. Oh, I am so guilty of #3 and in the list.

6. The advice I’d give to a 16-year old me: The author shares 5 lessons he wished he’d known when he was 16. I can definitely relate with the first four, but I am not so sure of the last one, namely “Spotlight”. Under #5, he adds that “the more successful you become, the more you have to watch your back”. I gently disagree. To me that sounds like viewing life through lens that are soaked in thick mud — too negative. Overall though, most lessons shared are invaluable. But that’s just me; read the post to make your own informed conclusions.

I trust you enjoyed this compilation. More roundups coming soon. 🙂 Which one was your favourite of the above? Do you agree/disagree with any? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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