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change your physiology - shortcut to success
Welcome to Podcast #5 in the series. This being the final element to the Extraordinary Living Series of lessons, I’m super-excited to bring this to you.

They say there are no shortcuts to success. But there are “smart-cuts” I’d say.

In this podcast, we look at the NLP principle that says “Physiology creates Psychology“.

What does that mean? Let me ‘splain.

Physiology is your physical demeanor, the way you walk, talk and behave. It’s everything to do with your body, your facial gestures, the change in the color of your skin, the movement of your eyes, the slight shrug of the shoulder, the slouching posture and so on.

It’s composed of many, many tiny details in your physical behavior that make up your physiology.

You need to just remember two things:

1. Physiology is the short-cut or “smart-cut” to success
2. You can change your physiology almost instantly with each different situation.

Psychology in this case¬†means your mindset. It could be resourceful and positive, or un-resourceful and negative. It’s typically hard to change your psychology because it’s deep-rooted in your subconscious and your subconscious learns through repetition.

The shorter and smarter way is to influence your mindset using your body language. You’ll find the two are intertwined, and a change in one will always lead to a change in the other.

When you’re feeling glum, try looking at yourself in the mirror and smiling. Keep at it, even if it feels stupid. Soon, you’ll internalize your smile and start feeling it in your body and mind.

That’s why a lot of people prefer looking in the mirror, smiling at themselves the first thing in the morning. It sets the mood for the whole day.

I go in detail and share a personal example of how I accidentally applied this principle in my own life when I was sh*t-scared.

I think you’ll enjoy it. ūüôā Listen to the ~10 min lesson below.

Podcast Episode 5: Listen here


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