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Goal-setting made easy Not being able to do something you are supposed to do can really be stressing.

Although the habit of procrastination can be fruitful for you (sometimes), it is not very much advisable that you keep on doing it or it might cause you your job or for goal-setting.

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So what do you do to realize your goals so they don’t just remain dreams? Here’s what:

1. Know your priorities.

Have you ever had the notion that you have a lot of things to do, a lot of things to accomplish and you don’t know exactly where to start? That may be because you don’t set your priorities right.

What’s worse, you may be doing things in a wrong order.

Don’t stay stuck because you think doing a particular task is hard even when you’re not even doing anything, yet. Whatever attitude you have regarding the task, stick to the ones you can do for now and don’t linger on the things that you cannot do.

Make the highest priority be done first before you move on the next highest and the next and the next until you’re down to the last one.

2. Make a timetable.

You may feel like you have all the time in world to put off things as long as you want it, but you don’t. Remember, you can never bring back the time you lost mulling over things or thinking about how you can do them best.

Besides, it’s easier to lag behind a task by doing other things which is not that important rather than accomplishing something for real. Sometimes, rushing things up also make you lose your focus so instead of rushing up and doing things half-efficiently, make a timetable.

They’d keep you better on tracking and keeping your schedule of what you should do and what you should accomplish on a given and specific day/date or time.

3. Always remind yourself of what you can do.

Doubting your abilities does more damage than you imagine. You might ask yourself, what if I can do it? Or what if I failed to do it? The series of ifs you have in mind is not doing you any good.

Remind yourself that you are better than you imagine yourself to be. You took up the task in the first place because you knew you can do it, didn’t you? So do it.

4. Learn two basic words: start and finish.

You have heard it over and over again: Start something and get it over with. Even a preschool teacher can tell you this: Learn the basics of the words “start” and “finish”.

However, it seems that the starting part is the only thing you’ve come close to hitting.

When you start something, do your best to finish it. Don’t jump into doing something new without finishing what you’re doing right now. However difficult or easy it is, don’t just learn how to start things. Learn how to finish them.

5. Keep your goals in front of you.

Sometimes, you can’t get yourself to do something because you can’t picture it in your mind, right? Well there’s good news for you. If you can’t see the output of what you are doing, put a picture of it in front of you.

That picture will always remind you of your goals. It could be a picture of you when you’re still slim because you’ve put on a few pounds and you’re trying to shake it off.

Or it could be a simple sentence to remind you of your favorite quote and motivate you.

Or it could as well be an actual picture of what you’re trying to have and dream so long for yourself; a car, a beautiful house, a fabulous dress or anything else you have in mind.

Your Turn

How does goal-setting work for you? Share with us in the comments!

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