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6 Best Happiness + Motivational Posts on the Net this Week
Every now and then, I gather a handful of amazing and value-adding posts to share the love with other authors and publish their work on this blog.

This time I am back again with a round-up of the coolest Happiness + Motivational posts on the Net for this week. Please read and leave a comment which ones you enjoyed the most!

6 Best Happiness + Positive Living Posts this Week

1. The Greatest Lesson I’ve Learned: When and where does the search for happiness end? Does it even end? This post is written beautifully, where the author shares how ticking goal after goal after goal still leaves you feeling empty inside. Could it be that this drive for “more” is actually stopping us from being happy now? What do you think?

2. The Best Way to Change Your Habits? Control Your Environment: Like everyone, I’ve had some habits that I am not proud of. Sometimes, I’ll sleep in. I procrastinate. I can be a personal development junkie. Reading this post made me reflect how I’ve overcome some not-so-amazing habits in past — changing the environment — and I trust you’ll agree also. Read it and then come back to share your thoughts.

3. Five Positive Things People Forget When They’re Down and Out: We all go through ups and downs in life. We lose confidence, we fail, we fall, we are afraid. This post shares 5 things you tend to forget when the going gets tough. I loved pick-me-up #1 the most!

4. How to Inspire Others W/o Saying a Word: To some extent, I agree with this post. Why waste words when the same can be said with much higher impact with an example? Personally, I feel stories work even better in place of examples, but I get what the author is saying and urge you to read it too.

5. Why Did This Man Work for 36 Hours Straight? Could workaholic-ism be a solution to come out of procrastination? Hmm. It’s interesting to ponder. To each his own, so if working straight 36 hours helps this entrepreneur, then why not do it? But only time can tell if this is a long-term strategy or a one-time tactic. Your thoughts?

6. The Best Way to Be More Confident: Finally, someone who gets confidence! I was nodding when I read “confidence is situational”. You may be confident in your “tribe” but when you’re put in a new group, the equation changes. The post also picks some helpful passages from Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic’s book Confidence.

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